Corporate Performance Management

  • Complete review of overall operational and financial performance of one of the leading used clothes company in EPZ Karachi encompassing foreign outlets where purchases (local and import), production and sales (local and export) were reviewed and complemented by review of viability of each foreign outlet. Included in the review was gap analysis, designing of internal control system, SOPs and requirements for software development.
  • Review of a major vertically integrated Textile unit of its pre & post costing mechanism; identification of areas causing high wastage along with review of the overall adequacy, effectiveness and implementation of internal controls and the Financial position of the entity.
  • Complete review of overall Operational and Financial performance of one the largest mobile distribution companies where sales and services delivery were also reviewed and complemented by the evaluation of the financial performance and viability of each Strategic Business Unit (SBU).
  • Performed the overall planning and risk assessment related to quality (including Foreign buyers Compliance Audits), implemented ISO and Environmental Controls, worked on issues identified during the ISO audit and finalized Quality Audits for a leading Textile Company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange as well as a Private Limited Textile Company, both certified for ISO 9000-2000 and 14000 (Environment standard).
  • Development of business proposal for a Mobile Distribution business to a potential investor with a five year projection of cash flows, profits, capital expenditure, inventories & staff requirements  in Optimistic, Probable & Pessimistic scenarios.
  • Carried out Business Valuation of an Environmental Consultancy firm including development of projected financial statements based on historical trends. Discussions with management relating to the future outlook of the industry and values from projected financial statements.Performed planning and risk assessment related to quality and finalization of Quality Audits. Moreover, trained staff in discharging all functions of the Finance & Accounts department, liaised with Company Secretary, finalized External Audit, reviewed and finalized financial statements and MIS for a major Textile Unit.
  • Performed a complete business diagnostics including review of the current operational and financial performance, recommendation of best practices and software development based on the entity’s requirements for a Packaging company.
  • Provided Shahwar Group of Schools and Colleges with a system where controls, processes, risks and governance could be maintained in disciplined, effective and reliable manner
  • Designed systems, controls, procedures and processes as per ISO requirement, trained employees to help in their implementation to get the company “Non Stop Transport Enterprise” ISO 9001 certified.
  • Conducted internal control system review of projects of TUSDEC including Gujranwala Tools, Dies and Moulds Centre (GTDMC), Ceramics Development and Training Complex (CDTC) and National Institute of Design and Analysis (NIDA).
  • Prepared Feasibility report and analysis of UAE economy, analysis and costing of projects to be taken by GRC, Preparation of Projected Financial Statements for next three years, Compiling information as required by Appendix V-95 of Foreign Exchange Manual of SBP, Obtaining Certificates from banks as required for preparation of application, Submitting application to SBP and Providing further information to SBP from time to time.
  • Preparation of Operational Internal Audit Report addressing the risks identified in all areas including Procurement, Inventory Management, Production, Sales, Processing, Maintenance and Quality Control of a leading business group covering all their five units.
  • Physical verification and staking/tagging of all the fixed assets and inventories of M/S Medical Devices (Pvt) Ltd and QSA Surgical (Pvt) Ltd for development and implementation of ERP system.
  • Physical verification of all the fixed assets of the Bank of Khyber and its 33 branches, tagging and streamlining the system of inventory control, developments and implementation of software for keeping the record of inventory and assets.
  • Training of the accountants of FEF Degree colleges for the maintenance of books of accounts and record of the colleges and how they can implement the internal controls of the organization in the accounts and Finance section of their respective colleges.
  • Conducted the financial and technical audit of the Debt for Education Swap II being implemented by the Elementary & Secondary Education Department Khyber Pakhtunkhwa under a contract with Federal Republic of Germany and Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Contraction and upgradation of middle schools and higher secondary school and provision of furniture to various schools of KPK was verified by visiting 40 schools. The financial records of works and services  carried out in various districts of KPK were checked by visiting the said offices.
  • Providing Human Resource Management Service to International Organization for Migration (Pakistan) and United Nations Human Settlements Program – UN-HABITAT (Pakistan). The services include issuance of employment contracts, disbursement of Payroll and allied payments, termination of employment contracts and payment of final dues. As part of the services, Life and Health Insurance to the outsourced employees is also provided.
  • Providing accounting services on Sun System based accounting to Shell Development & Offshore Pakistan B.V., as a part of the packaged services, also provided administrative support .Providing in-house complete accounting solutions to the organizations ranging from the creation of chart of accounts, maintaining accounting records by using off- the-shelf as well as customized accounting packages for preparation of management accounts and annual accounts.

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