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People and Change

Our People and Change team focuses on the human element of your organization and develop strategies for the attraction, development, motivation, retention and management of the right people with the right skill sets and right experiences to deliver on the goals of the organization.

We will work with you to answer critical questions and offer practical solutions:

Is workforce deployed optimally in a suitable reporting structure? – There is a need to reshape and create more efficient ways of working to deliver business drivers and strategy by optimizing the size of the organization and appropriately respond to customer demands

> We will work with you to design a suitable organization structure for your business, provide workforce intelligence and help you understand the effectiveness of your workforce composition, relationship to business performance and cost profile to identify opportunities for reducing cost while improving alignment with your goals.

Are the right performance metrics being targeted and improved? – As top-level goals become more complex and cross functional, is it vital for each employee to understand the role that they play and understand how strategy is broken down into functional tactics to align business drivers together for success

> We will work with you to understand the linkage between entity and employee performance and develop, implement and integrate performance mechanisms and systems that deliver the capabilities and performance required by the organization’s strategic intent.

Is the right talent being attracted, retained and developed? – Talent mobility is becoming more accessible; there is uncertainty about which critical roles require investment and focus. A lack of a plan to build capability with unclear employee value proposition and career paths to employees raises a red flag for leadership to invest in talent management capabilities.

We will work with you to better understand the science of employee engagement at your organization and help you roll out various initiatives to secure your talent base while ensuring the current and future needs of the business are being met and strategic goals are being achieved.

Is HR adding value as a strategic business partner? – There is a movement away from the traditional Ulrich model to more tailored HR operating models,the continuing issue of HR credibility within the business means that HR has to prove it can deliver increasing value to the business while leveraging new technologies.

We will work with you to transformation your HR by helping you create the optimal HR function and developing leading delivery models for HR services that enable the organization’s Talent/Human Capital strategies. We have also developed market leading capabilities in HR technology solutions including our People powered performance (P³) tool

Are new initiatives being accepted in true spirit? – Every organization, every change programmer and every leader is unique and requires carefully crafted interventions to push the change agenda. A high proportion of transformation efforts fail, and many more fail to deliver all of the intended benefits. Different stakeholders often have very different wish lists of outcomes to be delivered by a transformation program.

We will work with you to better manage change at your organization and accelerate the successful implementation and acceptance of new initiatives by your workforce. We will help you develop change management plans while together understanding how changes to strategy, structure, processes and technology impact your people.