Due Diligence

Identifying future growth through due diligence
In an acquisition process, the potential for future growth is just as important as understanding the target’s historical data. To secure a favorable transaction price, mitigate risk, and position yourself for a larger return on investment, you should ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s the seller’s financial forecast?
  • Are its operations solid?
  • How strong is the market?
  • What are key items to address in the first 100-day plan post-close?

PKF F.R.A.N.T.S.’s due diligence experts can help you with pre- or post-deal due diligence. Whether you need expert analysis from the buy-side or sell-side, our team will provide thorough analysis and recommendations to aide in your business decisions.

Flexible, scalable, thorough due diligence services
Our team of experts will offer you the agility necessary to evaluate and close deals, while mitigating risk and identifying the potential for a healthy return on investment. We will address a range of financial, commercial, and operational issues as part of the due diligence process.

Our financial due diligence approach focuses on the financial position of your target acquisition. We will verify the company’s financial information and assess its future potential. Our analysis includes:

  • Earnings history
  • Cash flow
  • Future earnings potential
  • Quality of its assets and liabilities
  • Working capital
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Tax compliance

Our commercial due diligence process involves analysis and consideration of the target’s market. This due diligence process will identify the future growth opportunities of your target and whether the business will stand up to the realities of the market.

Our operations due diligence services focus on the functional and departmental process of your target. This may include an assessment of the target’s management team, relationships with key stakeholders, human resources systems, and information technology systems, among others. Our team will investigate current performance and identity opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

Due diligence experts with specialized industry experience
The PKF F.R.A.N.T.S. team is comprised of experienced professionals who understand transactions and can minimize risk and validate opportunities by thoroughly analyzing a target company’s past, current, and projected performance.

With deep experience in manufacturing, distribution, services, health care, real estate, construction, and private equity groups, we will bring an exceptional team to your project that is accustomed to working with our due diligence process specifically in your industry. The team will also have a range of expertise and a collaborative spirit, so that you will get the deep assessment and comprehensive analysis you need to mitigate risk, ensure a healthy return on investment, and get the deal closed.